Choosing Indoor Bowls Mat Edging: Durability and Straightness

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on choosing the right indoor bowls mat edging for your needs. Whether you’re a professional bowler or someone who enjoys the sport as a hobby, having a durable and straight mat edging is crucial for a smooth and accurate game. In this article, we will explore the importance of durability and straightness in indoor bowls mat edging, as well as provide you with essential information to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s dive in!

Durability: The Key to Longevity

🔧 Durability: Ensuring Long-Lasting Performance

When it comes to indoor bowls mat edging, durability is of utmost importance. A durable edging ensures that your mat will withstand the test of time and provide you with consistent performance throughout its lifespan. It should be able to withstand frequent use, heavy foot traffic, and the occasional accidental impact without compromising its integrity.

Why is durability important?

Having a durable indoor bowls mat edging is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it guarantees that you will get the most value for your money. By investing in a high-quality edging, you can enjoy years of uninterrupted gameplay without having to worry about replacing it frequently. Additionally, a durable edging ensures that your shots remain accurate and consistent, as it provides a stable boundary for your bowls. This allows you to focus on honing your skills without any distractions or disruptions.

Factors to consider for durability

When choosing an indoor bowls mat edging, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure its durability:

  • Material: The material used in the edging plays a significant role in its durability. Different materials have varying levels of resistance to wear and tear. Rubber and metal are known for their durability, while plastic may be less resilient.
  • Construction: The construction of the edging should be robust and well-designed. Look for edgings with reinforced corners and edges to prevent cracking or splitting over time.
  • Installation: Proper installation is crucial for the longevity of your mat edging. Make sure it is securely fastened and aligned correctly to prevent any unnecessary stress or strain.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and inspection, can help identify any potential issues early on and prevent them from escalating. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended care instructions to ensure the edging stays in optimal condition.

Choosing the right material

The material of the indoor bowls mat edging is a critical factor in determining its durability. Here are some common options:

Rubber Edging

🔧 Rubber edging is an excellent choice for those seeking durability. It is known for its ability to withstand heavy use and resist wear and tear. Rubber edging also provides excellent shock absorption, which can help protect your mat from accidental impacts. However, keep in mind that rubber edging may be slightly more expensive than other options and can be heavier to handle.

Metal Edging

🔧 If you prioritize durability above all else, metal edging is the way to go. Metal edging is incredibly sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. It provides a solid boundary for your bowls and can withstand heavy foot traffic without warping or bending. However, metal edging may be more expensive and may require professional installation due to its weight and complexity.

Plastic Edging

🔧 Plastic edging is a popular choice for those on a budget. It is affordable, lightweight, and easy to clean. However, plastic edging may be less durable compared to rubber or metal options and is more prone to cracking or breaking under heavy use or extreme weather conditions. If you opt for plastic edging, make sure to choose a high-quality option that is specifically designed for indoor bowls.

Straightness: A Straight Path to Accuracy

🎯 Straightness: Achieving Precision in Your Game

When it comes to indoor bowls, accuracy is everything. A straight mat edging plays a vital role in maintaining the accuracy of your shots. It provides a clear boundary that helps bowlers align their shots and ensures a consistent playing surface. A crooked or uneven edging can throw off your aim and result in frustration and inaccurate shots.

The importance of straightness

Having a straight mat edging is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to align your shots accurately, which is essential for achieving precision in your game. A straight edging provides a visual guide, helping you aim and deliver your bowls with greater accuracy. Additionally, a straight edging promotes fair competition among players, as everyone plays on the same level playing field. It eliminates any advantages or disadvantages that may arise from a crooked or uneven boundary.

Factors affecting the straightness

Several factors contribute to the straightness of an indoor bowls mat edging:

  • Design and Construction: The design and construction of the edging play a significant role in its straightness. Look for edgings that are specifically engineered to maintain their shape and prevent warping or bending over time.
  • Installation: Proper installation is crucial for achieving a straight mat edging. Ensure that the edging is securely fastened and aligned correctly to maintain its straightness.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for preserving the straightness of your edging. Periodically inspect the edging for any signs of warping or bending and make necessary adjustments as needed.

Benefits of a straight mat edging

Having a straight mat edging offers several benefits to your game:

  • Improved Accuracy: A straight edging provides a clear and consistent boundary, allowing you to align your shots accurately. This leads to improved accuracy and precision in your gameplay.
  • Smoother Gameplay: A straight edging ensures a smooth and seamless playing surface. It eliminates any bumps or uneven areas that may disrupt the flow of the game and cause your bowls to veer off course.
  • Reduced Out-of-Bounds Shots: With a straight edging, the chances of your bowls going out of bounds are significantly reduced. You can confidently deliver your shots, knowing that they will stay within the designated playing area.
  • Professional Look: A straight mat edging adds a professional and polished look to your indoor bowls area. It enhances the overall aesthetics of the space and creates a more enjoyable ambiance for both players and spectators.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I install the edging myself, or do I need professional help?

Installing the edging yourself is possible, but it’s recommended to seek professional assistance, especially if you’re not experienced with such tasks. Professional installation ensures proper alignment and secure fastening, resulting in a straight and durable edging.

2. How often should I clean and inspect my indoor bowls mat edging?

Regular cleaning and inspection should be done at least once every month. However, if you notice any signs of damage or wear, it’s advisable to inspect and clean your edging more frequently.

3. Can I use an indoor bowls mat edging outdoors?

No, indoor bowls mat edging is specifically designed for indoor use. Using it outdoors can lead to premature deterioration and compromise its durability.

4. Is rubber edging better than plastic or metal?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on your specific needs and preferences. Rubber edging offers excellent shock absorption, while plastic edging is more affordable. Metal edging, on the other hand, provides superior durability. Consider your priorities and choose accordingly.

5. How can I maintain the straightness of my mat edging?

Regular inspection and adjustment are key to maintaining the straightness of your mat edging. Check for any signs of warping or bending and make necessary adjustments as needed. Additionally, avoid placing heavy objects on the edging, as this can cause it to bend or warp over time.

6. Can I replace the edging if it gets damaged?

Yes, you can replace the edging if it gets damaged. Simply remove the damaged section and install a new one following the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional help if needed.

7. What is the estimated lifespan of an indoor bowls mat edging?

The estimated lifespan of an indoor bowls mat edging depends on various factors, including the material, frequency of use, and maintenance. On average, a well-maintained edging can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.


Choosing the right indoor bowls mat edging is essential for durability and straightness, two key factors that greatly impact your game. By considering the material, maintenance requirements, and straightness of the edging, you can ensure an enjoyable and accurate bowling experience. Remember to seek professional help for installation and regularly inspect and clean your edging to maximize its lifespan. So, what are you waiting for? Take your indoor bowls game to the next level with the perfect mat edging!


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